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Substandard Cables : The Ugly Truth



Behind every wall at home, an office or a building in general, there are cables that channel electricity for our daily consumption. These are housing cables and they connect all electricity-powered items and sockets to the main electricity source.


Often, many Malaysians make the mistake of paying little attention to the kind of cables that wire their homes. A cable is just a cable, some may think. But is it really that simple when there have been many documented incidences of fire, blackouts, short circuits and electrocution caused by unsafe cables?


These cables are called substandard cables.



What are substandard cables?

Substandard cables are cables that are not designed, manufactured or test-approved to meet the requirements in safety standards. The flooding of substandard cables in the market is largely due to unscrupulous manufacturers who skimp on quality and safety to produce cheaper cables.


Characteristics of a substandard cable:-


UC on ntv7’s Art of Living


Reduced diameter of copper conductor


Metal content does not meet specifications, using copper-clad aluminium or other metals instead of copper conductor


Substandard insulation


Reduced insulation thickness


Shorter length per coil


Fake labels & packaging, even in terms of quality certifications
  The show’s host talks to Mr Tan Kok Hong, MD of UC about substandard cables

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The dangers of substandard housing cables

The smaller diameter of a substandard housing cable reduces its ability to conduct electricity effectively, thereby causing the cable to overheat. When that happens, it causes the cable to burn or melt.
The instability of substandard housing cables may result in short circuits and blackouts - posing hassle for home owners and danger to young and old in the family.
The reduced conducting ability of a substandard housing cable causes it to lose insulating properties. This leads to circuit malfunction and possible electrocution.
Because its general lacking in quality, substandard housing cables may create sparks which may then lead to outbreaks of fire.
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